Corporate Social Responsibility

While Precisa is currently dedicated to boosting the pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh, our overarching goal remains constant: improving the quality of life around us. Hence, we are always conducting our projects with the following concepts in mind:

  1. Health

    We are committed to providing extensive health benefits for our employees. In the case of an epidemic or sickness, we undertake the financial responsibility to ensure that our employees, as well as their relatives, receive the proper healthcare services. The well being of our team is of utmost importance to us.

  2. Education

    Precisa Techno Trade provides need based financial support for the education of the children of all of its employees. In addition, Precisa provides funding for a local Bangladeshi school with the aim of providing underprivileged children the opportunity to eventually study at institutions of higher education.

  3. Economic Growth

    Transparency in our transactions is essential to our success as a company. As a result of legally remitting foreign currency through banking channels and thereby contributing to persistent economic growth in Bangladesh, Mr. MD Rezaul Hasan (CEO of Precisa Techno Trade) has been awarded with the Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award in 2013 and 2014.

  4. Social Impact

    In addition to funding the education of underprivileged children, Precisa Techno Trade also undertakes the provision of necessary resources to help people in need. Every year, Precisa Techno Trade organizes a ‘Winter Clothing Drive’ to help clothe entire Bangladeshi communities through the cold winter months. In the case of natural disasters, Precisa Techno Trade further provides resources and financial aid to disaster relief organizations.